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Pvc floor toxic it pvc flooring advantages


Now many owners have begun to use pvc flooring to lay their own homes, because this kind of board is a very popular new type of floor decoration material recently. Because of its lightness, it is also called “lightweight floor material”. . The pvc floor is toxic? What are the advantages of this new type of plate? Here's to follow Xiaobian to find out.

1, what is pvc floor

Before understanding whether the pvc floor is poisonous , let everyone popularize it. In fact, "PVC flooring" is PVC as the main raw material, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers and coloring agents and other accessories, after coating or extrusion and other multi-channel production process. It is reported that the plate is imported from Europe and the United States to our country, and has been widely recognized in major cities in the country. It has a wide range of applications, such as homes, schools, office buildings, public places and supermarkets. see. Is this kind of floor toxic? Then go down and understand.

2, pvc floor toxic it

Said that PVC flooring is based on PVC as the main raw material, and added a lot of accessories, and these accessories need to go through the maximum temperature in the 130 °C above the decomposition, will decompose HCL gas harmful to humans. But do not worry, only in the continuous high temperature will release this harmful gas, pvc flooring in other environments is still very suitable for human living environment and other public places, is a good green decorative materials.

3, the advantages of pvc flooring

a, green

The main raw material of PVC flooring is polyvinyl chloride, which is a non-toxic renewable resource and has been used in people's daily life for a long time, such as: our non-food grade bags, garbage bags, etc. . Tested by the authority of the state, it does not contain any radioactive elements, so it is very environmentally friendly.

b. Ultra-light and thin

All people call it a light body, and naturally it has its reason. Not only only 1.6mm-9mm thickness, but only 2-7KG per square meter. Therefore, the use of the building has unparalleled advantages for building load-bearing and space saving.

c, wear-resistant, non-slip

The surface of the PVC floor has a special, high-tech transparent wear-resistant layer, and it is a good guarantee that the ground material has excellent wear resistance, under normal circumstances can be used for 5 to 10 years. In addition, PVC flooring in the case of sticky water, the foot feel more astringent, but not easy to slide. Therefore, it is also popular in schools with large people flow, office buildings and supermarkets.

Xiao Bian epilogue: The above is on what is the pvc floor, pvc floor toxic and what pvc floor has the advantages of presentation, through the understanding of the content of the small make up, I believe we should have a better understanding of this plate. In summary, the plate is still worthy of everyone's choice, of course, it should also be regularly waxing and maintenance, in order to ensure the service life.

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